AquaCam Selected as New & Innovative Product of 2016 by FINA


May 16, 2016

Contact: Aquacam, Inc


AquaCam’s Underwater Communication System Selected As A New & Innovative Product of 2016 by FINA

Austin, TX – AquaCam’s underwater communication system (UCS), the waterproof transmitting system that has revolutionized on-deck coaching, has been named a new and innovative product by FINA. This recognition by the international governing body of swimming has garnered an invitation to present this system in December at the 13th FINA World Swimming Championships in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Prior to being noticed by FINA, demand for AquaCams’ Underwater Communication Systems led AquaCam to expand distribution beyond the U.S. to Western Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Coaches throughout these regions who are utilizing this revolutionary product have returned reviews to AquaCam that their swimmers are constantly complimented by other teams and asked to share their “secret”. But, AquaCam’s system is no longer a secret. The success of this system has been obvious as teams are now scoring an average of 30% to 50% higher at meets after implementing the system in their training. Coaches and swimmers have discovered that the system is not too good to be true, but is actually delivering as promised and even leading to improved overall national rankings.

While UCS is now being used by several national swim bodies, it is designed for all levels of swimmers. Each device and system brings the coach-swimmer relationship to a new level where the swimmer can receive audible instruction while still training. The comfortable, waterproof receiver easily fits under any swim cap or goggle strap and is designed to stay in place even through starts and turns. The device transmits sound through bone conduction and has a range of up to 150 meters. This poolside transmitter system delivers the coach’s voice to as few as one or as many as 20 waterproof devices worn by swimmers. Each swimmer equipped with a receiver can receive individual communications from the coach or can be addressed simultaneously as a team through the devices.

The durability and range of the UCS system makes it an excellent addition to any indoor or outdoor pool; swimming lessons, swimming, open water swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo or Triathlons. It is also an asset for vision- or hearing impaired athletes. Without leaving the poolside bench or open water training boat, a coach can give real-time instruction, technique correction and motivation without the athlete missing a moment of training.

While the above mentioned features of this system are already enviable, the UCS system has more advantages than just transmitting a coach’s instruction. The system can also be used to transmit any mp3 audio device, or be programmed to submit an audible tempo beep to the swimmers to maintain ideal pacing. You couldn’t ask for more features in a system.

The UCS transmission system may be purchased separately or packaged as a set with up to three receivers. Teams wanting to take their training to the next level can purchase the UCS transmitter separately while team members purchase UCS receivers individually at a team rate, with a portion of sales donated to the team. Contact an AquaCam sales representative at to set up a UCS Coaches package.

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