The Coach to swimmer underwater communication system has allowed me to coach like never before. In my 41st year of competitive swim coaching, I am committed to “old school” coaching techniques, but I’m not afraid of innovation. If it makes my swimmers better, I welcome the addition to my pool deck, and the Underwater Communication System has had an immediate positive impact on my swimmers. I am now able to give stroke correction in real-time as the swimmer goes through the set. I don’t have to wait until the end of the set, or pull my swimmer onto the deck mid-set.

  • Doug Russell - 1968 Olympic Gold Medalist (100M Butterfly, 4x100 Medley Relay) & USA Swimming Age Groups Coach

I can now give technique correction and motivation without the athlete missing a moment of training.

  • Usas Head Coach, Texas

My swimmers are doing exactly what I tell them to do.

  • Head Coach, Europe

I have such a brief NCAA training season with my team that I want to capitalize on every minute my swimmers are in the water, and the Underwater Communication System system has enabled me to do just that. I can continue to coach my swimmers, instructing them while they are still training and logging their yards in the pool. The receivers are comfortable for the swimmers, and my team appreciates the innovative technology.

  • JD, NCAA swim and dive coach

I have been waiting for a system like this for a long time.

  • Head Coach, The Netherlands

My swimmers are doing exactly what I tell them to do.

  • Head Coach, Europe

This took their training to the next level, great system!

  • Coach